Thrive POTS (Paediatric Occupation Therapy Services) came to Four Pi as a start up who needed business branding, logo creation, emails, domain and a brand new website.

Four Pi's in-house Graphic Design team spent time with the client going over the brand, services, industry and then supplied several logo design concepts. Being a occupational therapy service for children, the client was thrilled with the brand suggested.

From there, the Four Pi designers designs a one-page scroller website with top-quality ux practices.

The challenge was to display a large amount of information one webpage. Studies tell us that nobody is going to read a long webpage full of text, so the web designers were clever with how they nested information in dropdown menu's which don't overwhelm users.

After organising the domain, email accounts, launching the website and ranking high in Google Search Results for Thrive's immediate area the client was very happy with the entire process:

- new business branding
- logo creation
- web design
- responsive web development
- email creation and business domain registration
- Google rankings

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