Use SEO to rank your website higher in Google search results and attract more business online



  • Achieve the #1 spot in Google

  • Rank higher in Google search results

  • Increase your business online visibility

  • Keyword search position reports

  • Attract more customers from online

  • Pin your business on Google Maps

  • One-Off SEO service available

  • Detailed SEO and conversion tracking


The way Google ranks their search results is by scanning websites and assessing 200+ metrics to rank it based on relevancy and authority. SEO is the process of optimising key factors on your website that Google will recognise and in-turn provide higher search rankings for.


Get a clear oversight of what keywords your website is ranking for and what position you appear in the results. Four Pi will establish tracking and analytics to monitor your SEO progress every step of the way. Data driven decisions, analytics and website conversions will be the secret to your SEO success.


Four Pi offers a one-off SEO health check which many businesses find a convenient and affordable SEO service. An in-house SEO expert will provide consultation, conduct an audit of your current website, identify areas to improve then execute the optimisations upon your approval.


Unlike Google Ads which provides flash-in-the-pan results, SEO is a slow-burn endeavour to organically rank higher in Google’s search results which proves to be a terrific return on investment over time. Work with us over several months and steadily climb the rankings in search and map results.


Four Pi’s in-house team of SEO experts are ready to help your website rank higher on Google


Your Website SEO

Four Pi can help! Our SEO experts use industry tools to help understand what keywords and search phrases your website appears on Google for and where they rank.

If you sign onto to the SEO services we can provide comparison rankings which display your keyword movements:

  • Increase in rankings
  • Decrease in rankings
  • New rankings
  • Lost rankings

Why is this important? Because it gives you analytics and information to make further smart decisions which will help achieve your online goals and attract more leads online.

Usually a good SEO strategy and ongoing website optimisations will be enough to outrank most of your competitors over time (depending on your industry) however, in addition to your insights, we analyse your competitions SEO performance and understand why they might be out performing you.

Keeping track and monitoring these positional changes provide excellent insights towards your content creation, marketing initiatives and SEO efforts which will inturn empower you to make data-driven decisions

Google Maps is a terrific tool for users to discover businesses and services close to their home or the location they’ll be visiting soon.

Just like Google search results, Google’s Map positions are similarly ranked upon numerous SEO metrics that branch outside your website.

If you want your business to appear higher on Google Map listings then reach out to a Four Pi SEO expert today to discuss your goals and potential SEO strategies.

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Four Pi’s SEO Process

Every website is different and your SEO strategy will be completely unique to your business, industry and online goals.

Having said that, there are general SEO best practices that will mostly likely be apart of your solution which include basic on-page optimisations through to high end technical optimisations:

On-Page Experience

  • Page layout and user experience
  • Keywords and content
  • Headings and titles
  • Internal and Outgoing Backlinks


  • Optimised HTML code elements
  • Page load speed optimisations
  • Sitemaps and robots.txt
  • Meta titles and descriptions


  • SSL
  • Response codes and 301 redirects
  • Domains and suffixes
  • And much more

Googling your business name and appearing in search results is great but those searches already know about you.

A common online goal is to rank high on Google so people searching for your product or service will discover your business, visit your website and make contact with your business.

Four Pi has provided successful SEO services to businesses across many industries including:


  • Electrical and Electricians
  • Plumbing and Drainage
  • Builders
  • Carpenters


  • Engineering firms
  • Lawyers
  • Doctor and dentist clinics
  • Accountants

Allied Health

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Podiatrists
  • Myotherapy and Massage
  • Pilates and Yoga


  • Sports nutrition
  • Skin care
  • Retail security
  • Tiles and Flooring


  • Virtual sport
  • Mini golf and driving ranges
  • Functions
  • Seasonal events


  • Pathology
  • Publicly listed companies
  • Cyber security
  • Metal fabrication
  • NDIS Specialists

You can start your journey to the #1 spot on Google by contacting us today

We’ll organise a time for you to speak with an in-house SEO expert who will discuss your current situation, online goals, business and industry.

From there your SEO expert will provide interesting insights from an SEO perspective then devise a strategy and send you a proposal for website SEO that will help climb the ranks of Google.

To help with the initial conversation, try to think of an answer to the question: what do my customers put into Google to find my services?