Attract and speak to your ideal clients with our proven web design process that allows you to rank and convert more leads.


Our ONLINE PRESENCE capabilities include

  • Custom responsive web design

  • Custom content management systems

  • API development & data integration

  • Local Hosting

  • Copywriting

  • Domain Name Management

  • Wireframing & Prototyping

  • Email Hosting & Setup

  • Visual Design (UI)

  • Social Media Integrations


Your website will have a higher risk of drop off if your page doesn't load in under 2 seconds. At Four Pi our benchmark is under half a second. Our high-end development team and technology give incredible load times on our Australian based servers. Did you notice how quickly this page loaded?


We build beautiful responsive websites that adapt and respond based on screen size. With such a wide variety of screen sizes these days its imperative your website responds responsive correctly to provide a seamless experience, no matter what the screen size your customers are using.


Access to a local consultant who understands your business. Our comprehensive goal-based approach creates a project plan for your business and then executes with our amazing development team. Our best results come from targeting development time to your needs.


Our Website Packages have been created to simplify the process of building your new website. Our packages cater for businesses of all sizes and budgets. If you would prefer a custom quote or just want to compare features then give our friendly team a call and we will be happy to talk you through it.


Our website design process is simple and proven to ensure you get the best results and a hassle free journey.

01 -


The first discovery meeting is to make sure we understand your business and take the time to uncover the unique value you deliver to your clients. This allows us to capture all the requirements for your website pages, including layout, images, text.

We will supply you with wireframes (grey website mockups) to show the structure your website will take on and what content is required for each of the web pages. This will guide you in preparing the most valuable content in the right order to engage your website visitors and encourage them to take action.

Using these wireframes you will find it easy to supply us with just the right amount of text and images for each page.

Your wireframes are supplied in 1-2 weeks from project sign-off.

This time-frame is most affected by the quality of information you supply us and the final quantity of pages & content required per page

02 -

Visual Design

This is where your website takes on your brand’s personality.

Your brand guidelines are used to create a website style that will inform the visual design across all pages on your website.

This stage will commence once final content (images & text) have been supplied by you for all pages of your wireframes.

You will be supplied a clickable prototype of the final design with the ability to provide a round of feedback on this design before we begin building your website.

Your visual design is supplied in 1-2 weeks from your supply of final content - dependant on final quantity of pages & content required per page

03 -

Website Build & Launch

This is where the magic happens, we take a scientific approach to web development using all the latest technology and industry best practice.

This final stage of developing your new website will commence once your final design is signed off and any altered content is supplied.

Your new website has fast loading web pages to keep your visitors from waiting. Did you know the most common reason visitors bounce from your website, before they experience your beautiful content, is slow page load speeds!

Device Responsive, the world is mobile more than ever. Your new website responds elegantly to the most common screen sizes on market.

SEO best practice, your new website is loaded with hidden gems to give your website the best lift when it comes to search engine ranking.

Your new website will launch 1-4 weeks from visual design sign off - dependant on complexity of CMS structure and final quantity of pages & content required per page