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The Independent Builders Network (IBN) began in 2009 with a goal to assist smaller builders increase their growth and success through collective purchasing power, home designs and sales channels to assist with taking on the volume builders.

In order to better scale the small but quickly growing brand, it was vital that IBN could supply their growing number of members with professional and compelling collateral to assist the builders to connect to their audience and increase their sales.

Working with an existing identity the 4pi team were tasked with creating flexible brand, digital and print collateral that could be used seamlessly (throughout Australia) alongside any of the members existing branding


We recognised that IBN not only gave its members a great buying power to compete against volume builders, but it also offered their members an incredible support network and an extremely valuable library of sales collateral such ‘ready to go’ house plans, printed sales collateral and photography. Starting with an all new brand language and design system, we then combined this with a brand new online presence with fully custom features such as the ‘IBN Plans Browser’ and the ‘Find our Builders’ feature.


Recognising that the IBN marketing materials would live in both a digital and print world, we ensured all assets could be used across both mediums. In addition to this it was important that the printed materials such as brochures, booklets and signage could be templated and editable in order to keep the branding consistent when used across multiple states.

A vital piece to the IBN team was the creation of the IBN Ranges which allows both the IBN builders and their clients easily identity the house plans that would best suit their needs. Every home plan is segmented in to one of the 8 home ranges which all have a specific benefits. Custom logos and brochures were created for all eight home ranges.

"We’ve been working with the 4pi team for years now and they have made a massive difference to our holistic product offering to our network membership in that time."

Online Presence
& Technology

Moving away from aging technology we designed a new custom mobile responsive website. Complete with a dynamic blog and 3D display home tours this website also features a customised ‘Find a Builder’ application. Using Google location services, this application allows the user to enter their postcode, town or state with the search result displaying the nearest IBN builders to their location. Regular content such as Builder of the Month, Display Home Openings and Blog posts are a great way to drive traffic to the IBN website.

IBN Plans

Whether it’s a open living, a study or an extra garage, every buyer knows what they want in their new home design. This “site within a site” model allows customers to find the right home design with their choice of available facades and giving them access to the features they prefer, all with through their local IBN builder. Not only is this a main feature of the IBN website but this application can easily be added to any of the IBN members existing websites.

"The 4pi team always have a genuine excitement for our branding and website projects and working with them is always a breeze."
ibn plans ipad
ibn plans ipad