Why Your Website Needs A Team Page

Jeff Herbert | Project Manager, Four Pi

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The importance of a having a modern and up to date website showing the world your business is undeniably critical in attracting new customers this day and age - but what do you do with your website to achieve this?

What does that look like? Well, there is no one simple answer that fits all. Every business is unique and your website should display your branding and personality just as much as the products and services you offer in an equally unique way.

Having said that, there is one common important element to a successful website - trust.

And what is a great way to build trust on your website? A team page.

Yes, a team page on your website will help establish trust and credibility for your business and its capabilities to deliver quality goods or services. With this comes an increased chance of converting a user into a red hot lead that may convert into a sale, repeat business and even word of mouth to their friends and family resulting in even more sales for you.

Benefits of Showing Your Team on Your Website

Many studies have been conducted around the world proving a heavy association with trust and the buying behaviours of customers. A key way to start establishing trust with a potential customer is to put your team members on display.

Educational psychologist Jerome Bruner, of New York University, cites studies that show persons only remember 10% of what they hear, 30% of what they read, but about 80% of what they see. And, according to LinkedIn, a complete profile (with a headshot) are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities.

Even if one your leads does look around at competitor prices and services online, you can rest assured that displaying your team will have a lasting effect on them which will weigh into their decision making when deciding who to give their business.

Successful Team Page Elements

There are many ways to approach a team page design on your website however there is no set template that will work for every business. Here are a few important factors you may want to consider when making a successful team page:

Name, Picture and Job Title - We’ve discussed the importance of employee photos on the team page already, so in addition to this ensure to ‘put a name to the face’ and a job title. It will go lengths build credibility and start the personalisation process to build trust.

Brief Professional Bio- Make it clear to the customer they can put their trust in you to get the best possible results. None of your customers want the work experience kid to be handling their work so prove to them that your workers are absolute professionals who have qualifications and experience.

Brief Personable Bio- This area can be taken several different ways; it could be a fun glimpse into the character of the team member which will make them relatable, or, you could go down the credibility path by stating their values and what makes them an important member on your team.

Contact Details- Make your personnel accessible to the customer because they themselves are your business. A few common contact details are probably already found on their email signature - work phone, email, work address and social buttons to your business website. Some may even like a link to their personal LinkedIn page.

Team Page Case Studies - How Four Pi Have Helped Businesses

We here at Four Pi know a lot about web development, customer journeys and establishing trust with users. It is beyond important to have a website unique to your business which we pride ourselves on providing. Please take a look at the below examples showing some of the team pages we’ve created in the past.

Let’s start with the Four Pi team page: Team Page
You’ll notice we’ve gone a quick snippet of information about each team member who is presented in a standardised way - similar background, photo of shoulders up and all wearing Four Pi uniform.

We’ve also developed all sorts of team pages for other businesses, here are a few:

Camerons Lawyershttps://cameronslawyers.com.au/our-team
This highly professional law firm required an equally professional team page which displays all the team members in an elegant way. Upon clicking on a team member the user gets taken to an individual team page with substantial biography.

Project Plus Electricalhttps://project-plus.com.au/about
The Project Plus website needed to quickly educate the user on their services, capabilities, skills and experience so the challenge was to create a solid user flow where the user didn’t need to navigate through many different pages to understand the business. The winning result was to incorporate the team members profiles in the About Us page.

Jett Electricalhttps://jettelectricalmelbourne.com.au/
Jett Electrical have a one-page scrolling website which is perfect for their type of business. You’ll notice that even though there isn’t enough space to implement a large team section we made sure to incorporate the two owners photos into the design to build credibility, trust and personalisation.

If you need help with your Team Page, or anything else relating to your website or online presence, please feel free to contact us, we’d love to help

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