What Is Your Brand Saying About You

Merryn Paul | Project Manager, Four Pi

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When you look at the definition of branding, it can be too broad and overwhelming to think about what is involved because so many different factors attribute to it.

Unfortunately, we meet a lot of people who 'set and forget' their brand which inevitably becomes stale over time which severely impacts their business.

So let’s start thinking about what your brand is saying about you and your business.

What is a brand?

In short, your brand is the way your customer perceives you and is much more than your logo and business name.

It is the sum of how your future clients experience and remember you, how they feel after using your services and why they recommend you to their their friends and family.

A strong brand leaves a lasting impression.

Your brand can tell a story about who you are and act as a beacon to like minded clients. In contrast, a poor brand can confuse people and make them question whether they can trust your services.

Since you only get one first impression, make sure it is memorable - in the right way.

Three most important elements to your brand are:

  • The visual elements (like your logo, font and colours)

  • The way your interactions make your clients 'feel' or 'think'

  • The consistency of experience

Who are you?

The first interaction people are likely to have with your business is seeing a visual element of your business - perhaps your logo or website. No matter where it is seen, you’ll want to make sure it identifies who you are and what you do.

Question: Upon first glance, does your logo, website and advertising accurately display your goods or services?

The visual elements of your brand should also make you stand out and give people of sense of what makes you different from competitors trying to claim your clients attention.

Impressions are everything, and as we know, first impressions count for the most. If your website looks outdated it might make the user wonder if you’re actually running a successful business. If the website looks professional, modern and has useful information then it will convey that you’re attentive to your business and deemed successful which is probably a direct result from the quality of work you provide.

So, what is your business and how do you want to be viewed by the potential clients encountering your brand?

How do you make your customers feel?

The next is all about the interaction your brand has with your clients and how it makes them feel.

People love good customer service, they like value for money, they like it when you ‘go the extra mile’ for them or go beyond what they assume your service provides. Even simple and friendly advice, polite manners and showing that you genuinely care goes a long way - don’t make them feel like they’re the next customer in a long line of people.

Yes, you’re brand goes past the visuals of your logo, company car, website and email signature. People will take their experience with you and tell their family and friends.

Question: When you walk away from a job, what will your clients say about you? Try thinking of one positive and one negative point they may say (to improve on next time!)

Can I trust you?

This brings us to our last point, consistency.

Consistency is another way of describing a trusting relationship.

When a client experiences your brand, do they always see the same thing?

This means a broad range of attributes across your entire business. Are the fonts used in brochures the same fonts on your website? Do you have the same branded work shirts? Do you stay true to the corporate style guide and colour palettes?

It also extends to how you and your colleagues treat clients. You can’t always be there to help every single client, so you need to ensure that all the different ways a client can experience your business are consistent with your visuals and with that original feeling.

Flawless Landscaping success story

Four Pi can help with your branding problems, just ask Flawless Landscaping.

Flawless are a high end landscaping and design service who achieve amazing results for their clients.

The problem was that their brand and online presence didn’t communicate their status or their quality of work making them look like another typical contractor.

Being found on Google was another problem for them, but when the website did experience traffic their online credibility was so low it provided little reason for prospective clientele to enquire about their services.

Applying their new brand onto one of the Four Pi online credibility website has totally changed the way Flawless are seen in the industry which has had tremendous benefits on their business.

The elite Four Pi design team went through their professional design and development process with Flawless which resulted in a refreshed, beautiful and highly professional brand.

You can view the stunning brand we created for them here

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