How To Improve Your Website's Bounce Rate

Jeff Herbert | Web Consultant

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Have you ever logged into your Google Analytics and wondered why your website’s bounce rate is so high?

Do you know what bounce rate is?

Let’s understand what is a bounce rate, factors that affect a bounce rate and how to improve your website's bounce rate.

What is a website's Bounce Rate?

A bounce rate is when a user enters your website and does nothing, such as:

  • they didn’t navigate to another webpage on your site
  • no interaction on the the webpage they entered on
  • they left your website straight away
  • hit the back button on the browser
  • closing the window/tab

You may notice that the bounce rate in your Google Analytics account looks something like this. 

The bounce rate percentage you see above calculated by the total number of one-page visits divided by the total number of sessions on your website.

Bounce Rate = (One-Page Visits / Sessions) 

You might be wondering ‘why is my website’s bounce rate so high?’ but to answer that depends on an array of possible reasons. Let’s take a look at some. 

Factors that Affect A Website’s Bounce Rate

Firstly, every website is unique so it’s important to understand your website's goals, the type of material your users want to see and what they find important. From this, we can put further perspective on the situation.

Beyond that, here are some broad factors all websites can consider:

Slow Load Times

If your website has problems loading a webpage under 3 seconds then it’s likely to be negatively contributing to your websites bounce rate.

Shockingly, Hosting Manual reported on studies that most people will abandon a website if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds and also state: 

  • 57% of visitors leave a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load
  • 80% of them won’t return to your website in the future

There are usually many reasons why a website might load slowly and remedies to improve it, speak to a Four Pi web consultant today to learn more

Landing Page Design

The way your webpage looks is critically important to not only the bounce rate, but also the entire success of your website. 

Firstly, your web design needs to set a memorable and positive first impression. It can’t look outdated or unappealing to the user otherwise they’ll leave with a negative impression of your business.

Ideally your content should flow nicely with images and clean structure with a matching style guide throughout the website. For a good example, you can check out the Phelan Shilo web design case study.

Features that Annoy People - Pop-Ups, Intrusive Ads, Music or Auto-Play Video

Have you entered a website to be disrupted by a pop up in your face? 

Or maybe you’ve seen so many ads on a webpage that it totally distracts you from webpage content. 

What about those news websites where they start auto-playing videos (with an advert before the actual related content) that immediately turns you off the webpage because it’s too difficult to quickly obtain the information you want. 

Those all factor into a high bounce rate because people expect a smooth and quick website visit where they can do their research without friction. 

Poor Search Engine Optimisation and Google Ads

SEO and Google Ads are excellent ways to attract new users and customers to your website - when done correctly

If your website has poor SEO or a broad Google Ads campaign with poor copywriting then it’s highly likely that a user has clicked on your website with certain expectations only to be disappointed when landing on your page. 

You need quality SEO on your website with relevant keywords and copywriting. 

A proper Google Ads campaign is constructed with a carefully strategised list of keywords, advert copy and tailored landing page. 

If you’re concerned about your websites SEO or Google Ads campaign then give our Four Pi SEO Specialists a call we’ll take a look.

External Hyperlinks

This one is tricky because it’s considered best practice to put hyperlinks to external websites on your pages (very important for SEO). 

You don’t want to send people away from your website, so when inserting hyperlinks in your content you must ensure that they open in a new tab instead of using the same browser tab to take your valuable user away.  

If the hyperlink doesn’t open in a new tab then it might be contributing to your bounce rate

How To Improve Your Bounce Rate

If you’re not happy with your website's bounce rate then there are certain things you can do to remedy the score back to a healthy percentage. In addition to the above points, here are things you can focus your attention towards.

Build A Clear Navigation Menu

If your bounce rate is high then maybe it’s not clear how to navigate to other pages on your website.

An attractive navigation menu with clear items to click will help users feel confident navigating to another page. Make sure each option is labelled accurately and implement a dropdown menu if there are sub-categories. 

A website's footer can be almost as important as a top-navigation bar. There is a lot more space in the footer to create a more in-depth list of navigation hyperlinks through your website. 

Bonus Tip: Sort out your website's information architecture to help clearly structure the website. From this you’ll easily be able to create a great navigation menu, dropdown menu for footer menu.

The above displayed Bendigo Primary Care Centre's footer menu that clearly displays all of its webpages. 

Web Design & UX Design: Ensure a Positive Experience with Neatly Presented Information

Web design and UX design are critical elements to the success of any website.  

A good web design will make an immediate impression upon your website visitors and clearly present your web page information while maintaining consistency with the rest of the site. 

Companies all over the world invest a lot of time and effort into UX Design because they know that when an online interface is well designed then their customers' needs are filled, have a positive experience with their brand, create loyal customers and attract repeat business.   

Checkout some more information about online presences if you want to learn more about creating the perfect online space for your business.

What Next?

Give it a go! Start planning, make a list of required improvements and start at the top. 

If you need assistance then we’d love to have a chat! You can Contact Us here

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