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Jeff Herbert | Project Manager

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Being website developers, some of the most common requests we get are:

  • Get me on the top of Google before other businesses

  • I’d like to be on the first page of Google

  • When people search for my service, please make me appear first on Google

Before we get started, it’s important to note that nobody can ask Google to put a website on the top of the search results page.

Instead, the way to get any website listed on the first page of Google is to apply various Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques that will positively impact Google’s PageRank algorithm - Google’s top secret formula that ranks websites in their search engine results.

We here at Four Pi love when clients ask us to rank high on Google Search Results, because is it even worth paying for a website that won’t be found on Google?

Even though Google don’t let us know the exact method, we do know what elements attribute to a healthy SEO ranking. Here are the basic topics we’ll cover in how to rank high in Google:



Meta Tags & Meta Titles

Google Business Listings

Responsive Design / Mobile Friendly

Fast Load Times

Domain Names




Keywords are specific words and phrases that users enter into search engines to locate information on certain topics - including your websites material.

You will want to identify your businesses keywords and phrases then ensure they’re used throughout your websites content in a frequent and compelling way that sounds natural to the user.

Because your goal is to achieve organic traffic from Google you must be sure to focus on your niche and not get lost in the traffic by being vague. Let me explain.

If you’re a Graphic Designer who specialises in creating branding and logo design you’ll have to do your keyword research because the phrase ‘designer’ won’t get you found on Google because it’s too broad.

Tip: A good question to ask yourself when identifying keywords - What do my customers put into Google to find my service?







Custom logo design

graphic design

Business logo design and branding


Logo and branding graphic design


As you see above, you hit more keywords and common search phrases by your desired audience.


Title Tags / Meta Title


As the name suggests, Title Tags give each one of your web pages an accurate name and succinct description that indicates to users and Google what information is being kept there.

Having accurate Title Tags is very important because it carries weight on both the backend side of SEO rankings and the frontend.

On the front end, it appears in several locations:

  • Search engine page results

  • Social media when a link is shared

  • Web browser tabs

These help users make informed decisions when searching the Google Search Results Pages (SERPs) and orientate people on your website.

On the backend of SEO, the Title Tag tells the Google Search Engine what the webpage is about and helps it understand the pages purpose which is a critical element in the Google PageRank algorithm.

A good Title Tag shouldn’t be too long, contain keywords and tell the user in a concise way what the pages contains Sometimes this can be tricky, so here at Four Pi we tailor make each web pages meta title and meta description to ensure they meet SEO standards.


Google My Business Listings


Google My Business listings are free and a tremendously useful tool for any business.

Essentially, a Google My Business listing is a hub of your business details, Google Map location, open hours and direct links to your website and phone number making it easy for customers to make contact.

Additionally, a Google Business Listing does wonders for your SEO and increases your chance to show up in their map results. This is why Four Pi offers free Google My Business creation, optimisation and management for every website we make.


Responsive Design / Mobile Friendly


A responsive web design, or mobile-friendly website, is a site that works seamlessly across all devices - mobile, tablet and computer. It automatically updates the User Interface to present your website no matter the screen size or orientation.

If your current website isn’t mobile friendly you’re in a world of SEO trouble.

Back in April 2015 Google officially started to reward mobile-friendly sites with an increased search rank while penalising non-responsive sites.

Now, as announced by Google on March 26th 2018, they are indexing websites based upon their mobile version - not the desktop version.

This is why all the Four Pi websites are developed in fully-responsive infrastructure to help us achieve mobile-friendly and enhanced SEO websites.


Fast Load Times


Your sites speed is measured by how long it takes the content to load on a webpage. This has long been a critical factor in your clients User Experience and is now a dire matter in SEO rankings.

Google don’t like when it takes websites a long time to load so it’s prudent to implement several methods to ensure your website loads fast.

The first place to start is ensuring your images are correctly optimised for web. A high resolution photo can be 7MB+ in size which will decimate your load times.

By optimising large images for web in image processing software, such as Adobe Photoshop, you can resize and save the image in an acceptable web-safe .jpeg or .png file type which will drop that massive 7MB file to <500kb.

When done correctly, reducing an images file size by this much can be imperceptible to the human eye - so your images still look crisp and keeps your Google SEO rank healthy.
On a technical front, your web developers can reduce website's code to reduce file sizes. Minifying the CSS, JavaScript and HTML by removing unnecessary characters, code comments, formatting and redundant code can positively impact page load speed.


Domain Names


If you haven’t already, you’ll want to pick a domain name that meet all sorts of best practices and, given you’re in Australia, get a .com.au domain. We here at Four Pi can help you choose, purchase and manage the domain moving forward.

Google praises secure websites and have started to punish those without encryption. Having an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer - seen as https:// in front of a URL) on your website establishes an encrypted link between browser and server which establishes security.

This is why all the Four Pi website packages come with an SSL Certificate included.


Take Away SEO Lessons


Before creating content, take a moment to identify what your niche is and what makes you unique. Identify keywords and search phrases that your next customers entering in Google - they are the words you’ll want to construct your content around.

Make a Google Business Listing. They are free, get your business on Google Maps and display your contact details to the world.

Title your webpages appropriately, make sure your images are optimised for web and if your current website is not responsive then know you’re receiving huge SEO penalties.
If a web developer doesn’t factor SEO into a website build, or can’t provide a detailed explanation on how they will achieve their SEO promises, is it worth paying for a website that won’t be found on Google?


Four Pi SEO Services


At Four Pi App and Web Development, we are serious about SEO which is why all our websites include a range of Search Engine Optimisations.

  • Responsive Design / Mobile Friendly - included

  • Google Business Listing creation/optimisation/management - included

  • Custom Domain - included

  • SSL Certificate - included

  • Image Optimisation for Web- included

  • Unique Page Titles & Descriptions- included

  • And Much More

Find out more about our web development and SEO services.

Or, speak to a Four Pi team member to hear about how we can help your business get found on Google.


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