Choosing Your Domain Name

Chris Long | CEO, FOUR PI

Selecting your web address is equally tricky and important

Firstly STOP ! Don’t buy your domain yet - I’ve consulted with thousands of business owners and this advice is hard to follow if you’ve already bought your domain name

When choosing your domain, you should try and get one with the following 3 attributes:

1. Short

Every time you have to spell out a domain to someone (reading your email over the phone, asking a colleague to visit a specific link, etc.) they need to type it out.

The shorter the better. A great tip is to practice reading your email to someone over the phone. for chris@4pi.com.au I have to speak: “It’s Chris at four ‘pie’ dot com dot au, that’s the number ‘four’, ‘pee’ for Patrick and ‘eye’ for igloo.”

With practice, you’ll see how impractical half-words, hyphens or misspelling of common words become - better catch that now before you’ve set up your domain infrastructure.

You’ll also discover that uncommon domain extensions will need to be reconfirmed. If you have the popular .co domain, you may need to frequently correct people: “Yes that’s dot co, not dot com. Just ‘cee-oh’

2. Professional

Keep the full word unless the word is commonly shortened. I.e. ‘physiotherapy’ is still professionally shortened to ‘physio.’

Shortening a word like ‘plumber’ to ‘plumb’ doesn’t seem professional and has other SEO drawbacks.

3. Search Engine Optimised (SEO’d)

If you’re a big brand, SEO is much easier. If you’re a small brand, you NEED to work every SEO angle you can.

A critical angle is the words in your domain name, so the following is best practice:



You’ll commonly see:

https://[keyword][location].com.au like https://physiotherapybrisbane.com.au - I caution against this as you will lose brand recognition and building efforts.

You can leverage different location/keyword combinations, but this requires a complex website structure and significant content and planning to execute well.

Reach out if you have any questions about your scenario - I love chatting domains and always ready to start a conversation about it!

Get in touch here or contact@4pi.com.au

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