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Interested in boosting the traffic to your website and increasing the amount of leads from your online audiences? 

Of course you are!

You probably know that ranking high in Google Search Results will attract many more clicks to your website... But how do you get there?

Ranking high in Google is about implementing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) throughout your website. Good web designers know how to achieve this, we actually wrote an article about it.

Otherwise you can run Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns, such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads, to attract new online customers.

Both are fantastic options to boost website traffic - but which solution is best for you and your business?

Let’s find out more about using Google Ads, Facebook Ads and SEO to rank on the first page of Google Search Results and see which will boost your website traffic.


Put simply, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is what makes your website rank high in Google Search Results and Google Map Listings.

SEO marketing involves making improvements to the website design, content and technical changes to the code which helps search engines recognise the usefulness of your webpages.

By implementing correct SEO your website will ideally increase visibility and be displayed as a top result on the search engine results page.

If you want to learn more about the technical details of SEO you can continue reading here.

Unlike other alternatives, SEO is a slow-burn which yields results over a long period of time. If you’re looking for sustained success rather than a flash-in-the-pan solution then SEO could be the ideal solution for your business.


Instead of waiting for your website to move up the Google rankings organically over time, you can get a head start using Google Ads.

We’ve all seen the ads on Google - they appear at the top of the Google search results, bottom of the Google search results and even in Google Maps. This is where Google Ads can put your business website.

Creating Google Ads can be quite tricky since it involves in depth goal defining, competitor analysis, keyword (and negative keyword) research, advert copy creation and a range of demographic and geographical targeting parameters.

Our Four Pi Google Ad specialists achieve the above by learning your business, online goals, desired audiences then strategically construct a campaign to put your Google Ads in front of your businesses ideal customers.

Needless to say, this will increase the traffic to your website and boost the amount of leads from online audiences.

A bonus to running Google Ads is you’ll gain further customer insights and analytics on what’s the most engaging content for your target audiences. This will further help improve your future digital marketing strategies.

In conclusion, if you’re after quick traffic from your ideal audience then Google Ads is worth the small monetary investment.


Want to grow your following on social media and attract leads? Do you want to promote your products, services or special offers you have?

Facebook Ads may be a perfect way to increase website traffic to your website, win new clients and make sales online.

Facebook Ads display directly to the users news feeds, side bars and other areas on both desktop and mobile devices - so you’re literally displaying your ads in the palm of your customers hand at times.

The best thing about Facebook Ads is its elite targeting capability. You can tell Facebook only display your advertisements to the exact audience you want to attract.

It’s also an extremely cost effective method of advertising and a smart business decision because (when done correctly) your budget spend will be reaching nearly 100% of your target audience.


Using your website's blog effectively can increase the flow SEO-focused content that will help rank higher in Google and increase traffic to your website.

Google will identify the new content and positively attribute its information towards increasing your websites visibility on Google search results.

Blogs also allows your business to engage in digital marketing and content marketing in a cost effective way.

A good blog lets you to engage with your existing and new audiences online, gain more trust, credibility and ultimately improves your online presence (which are the best way to generate online leads).

The best part is you can share posts through social media channels for free which generates conversation, customer interest, publicity and website traffic.


In summary, all of the above are great options for any business to boost website traffic.

The questions is - where should YOU start?

We highly recommend getting in contact with us so you can speak to a website traffic professional.

Four Pi web development understands your business is unique so we’ll take the time to learn your business, online goals then provide the best website advice for your business.


Jack Green, Founder of Forefront Physiotherapy, came to Four Pi wanting to rank high in Google Search Results.

Jack knew that once his physiotherapy website and four physio clinics ranked high on Google his traffic would increase and the amount of new client bookings would increase.

Jack upgraded his single-page scroller website into a full multi-paged website loaded with enhanced SEO and several dynamic sections so he can add and edit the website content to keep up with the ever-moving Search Engine Optimisation best practices.

Check out Forefront Physiotherapy here.

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